By Your Side On Your Moment of Glory

Behind every successful WOMAN, there is a loving and supportive HUSBAND. I am grateful for having the love of my life, my husband, Morakabe Raks Seakhoa, behind me throughout all my endeavours in life. As I enter into the music industry, I do that with courage knowing that I am protected in his loving arms, comfortable in his heart and standing tall on his shoulders.


Thank you, my Darling, for your undying love and support.



By Your Side On Your Moment of Glory

(For My darling Sindiswa Emily T S)

I must heap praise on you towards your glorious path to stardom,

When you a goal chase, you do that in gleeful abandon,

Wasting no second on needs other than fulfilment beckons,

Like these now moments of bliss satisfaction awaits yet

To you I must heap praise upon praise on your glory-filled path to stardom

With your guitar all ready, in tune, perfect and strong,

Your voice atimes aquiver with emotion aplenty,

Panic driving you to melodies foretelling and sweetly

As you strum your strings into the belly of stardom,

Let me akimbo stand, cheering you to heights on and yet on,

For, once up there,

Nothing, but nothing this side of earth will in your way stand

10 Jan 2015, 16H17, Randpark Ridge

Raks Morakabe Seakhoa


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